Wednesday 3 July 2013

A perfect day for an open house

A few days ago I opened the doors of my home studio to host an Artist's Open House. Despite some very early morning showers, the skies quickly cleared and I was able to use our shady front lawn, just outside the studio door, as an outdoor gallery where ferns, hostas and other vegetation could provide a lush, green backdrop.

Photo courtesy Lydia Steer

Photo courtesy Lydia Steer

Visitors began arriving promptly at the start time of 11 a.m. and the flow of guests continued steadily throughout the day. Some seating in the dappled shade of our honey locust tree made a great place to relax and enjoy the ambiance. If you're an old collie dog tired from the effort of greeting visitors, it provided a good spot for a nap.

Photo courtesy Lydia Steer
Indoors there was more to see in my mini-gallery ...
Photo courtesy Lydia Steer well as samples of work in process in my studio for those interested in learning more about it.

Photo courtesy Lydia Steer
Some new paintings made their public debut, including this silk painting entitled A Girl and Her Dog:

A number of drawings and paintings were purchased by visitors. Among them was this little coloured pencil drawing of a wren fledgling that flew away to a loving new home on Vancouver Island:

And this sketch of a wind-blown grey mare is now residing north of the Fraser River:

This cheerful pink silk scarf, decorated in a motif of pawprints, is now brightening someone's wardrobe:
Photo courtesy Lydia Steer

Copies of the children's book I recently illustrated proved to be popular, and now its important message about preserving the Earth's precious water supply will be told to children around the region.
Those who visited me that day will be interested to know that "Song of the Rainforest: Winter Wren" was the favourite chosen by most:
All in all, it was a perfect day but a tiring one - even for those of us who spent part of the day napping!
Photo courtesy Lydia Steer
I'd like to offer warm thanks to everyone who visited, and particularly those who lent a hand to help make the event a success. I look forward to doing it again next year!
PS: The prize winner of the day will be announced in my next e-newsletter.


  1. Thanks for giving us the cyber version of the open house. So glad it was a success, and that a certain old collie got lots of attention despite sleeping through part of it!
    I love the new piece of A girl and her dog!

  2. I'm so glad that Riley was able to assist you at your open house :) She is a dear, sweet girl!! See you at the revised Tradex show?