Friday 11 July 2014

A meadow of wildflowers

Once again I find myself performing a labour of artistic love: an interesting project for a worthy cause. What could be more satisfying? I'm talking about the Adirondack (or Muskoka if you like) chair that I'm painting as another fundraiser for Critter Care Wildlife Society.

Last year, you might remember, I completed a similar project only the theme I chose was Springtime in the Forest (read about it in A forest a chair?). The images were based on my rambles in Campbell Valley Park which is, coincidentally, where Critter Care's Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located. My inspiration for this year's chair was once again the park I love so well, but progressing into a new season: a summer meadow of wildflowers.

There are buttercups and daisies....

Lupines and tiger lilies...

And an abundance of ripe, golden salmonberries....

Bees buzz lazily among the blooms...

And a hummingbird flies by in search of nectar.

Voila! A chair from which a meadow of flowers springs.

Hopefully it will prove to be a good fundraiser for Critter Care who relies on sources like this to assist in the Society's necessary work of rehabilitating orphaned and/or injured wild mammals. A number of artists have painted chairs this year and all are being auctioned over the summer. You can see them at this online auction site: (bidding starts July 12 at 11am). There's also a Critters in the Garden Facebook page.

The chairs will be making their in-person public debut at Critter Care's annual open house weekend, July 12-13, 2014. Full details about the event are available on the Society's website: The chairs will also be on display at Arts Alive on August 16. The auction will close on August 17 and chairs will go to the highest bidders.

And what will be the theme of next year's chair? Visit my blog again in mid-July of 2015 to find out!


  1. You did it again, another fabulous chair, I love it!

  2. Beautiful!

    Love your work!