Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Grand Adventure: Part 4

This, That and The End

This is the last I’ll tell you about my Grand Adventure before moving on to other topics. This final entry is a catch-all of photos and moments and impressions that I felt were worth sharing but it’s a bit of a random selection. And while I don’t normally feature photos of people, there are a few (mostly of me, which is even more rare because I’m not much for having my photo taken).

My first view of the Grand Canyon.

It’s hard to beat this place for sheer magnificence.
It’s also difficult not to be enchanted by the abundant wildflowers that decorate the arid landscape.



There were also moments that simply stand out just because…

And times when the rocks were absolutely fascinating in their placement, or for simply imagining the eons of time that it took for wind and water to make their mark, or envisioning the liquid beginnings of solid stone.

There were also a few critters, some of whom would use their charms to obtain a handout or distract you from your possessions long enough that their buddies could raid your precious food supply.

And then there was the end, that moment of re-emergence into civilization after two weeks in the canyon.

It’s not something I’ll soon forget.

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