Saturday 9 September 2017

Creativity + Girl Power = Limitless Possibilities

I’ve spoken before about how creativity takes many forms. In my world I tend to think primarily about the drawings and paintings I make, but obviously there are all kinds of creative folks making sculptures, or textiles, or music, or maybe they’re dancing, or writing, or engaging in any of a whole long list of artistic pursuits. There are also the kinds of creative activities that are worked into day-to-day life like gardening, or cooking, or carpentry – the list is truly endless when we think about how we use our minds to problem-solve as we make and do things.

Recently I’ve had the assistance of some very able-bodied women in what some would consider unconventional creative pursuits that have left me feeling empowered and impressed at what “girls” can do when we put our minds and bodies into a project.

Bring together three women on a sunny summer morning and there’s no telling what might happen! We can take a load of split rails and a pile of blocks, and create the most artfully made, well-engineered split rail fence imaginable! This one now adorns the front of my property on Mayne Island:

It brings me joy every time I look at it, and the locals seem to appreciate it too.

On another sunny summer weekend, bring together two women with a reasonable knowledge of power tools, a load of lumber, a bit of know-how, some determination, and an all-important helping of creativity, and the results can be nothing short of amazing!

The rickety, rotting front porch of my Mayne Island cottage, with a dilapidated set of stairs fit only for mountain goats, has been transformed into a sold, comfortable outdoor space.
Post demolition...

It’s now a perfect spot for whiling away an evening watching the trees and gazing fondly at my little art studio across the way. And there's no longer any fear of sprains or broken bones while navigating the perfectly spaced, soundly made stairs.

This project also brings me immense joy and a massive sense of pride and accomplishment, not to mention gratitude to my skillful and enthusiastic friend who spearheaded the project.
I will never forget this summer, the projects we accomplished, and the lessons I learned working with my strong, skillful, creative female friends.

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