Monday 16 October 2017

Rural Routes

Earlier this year I had the privilege of spending some time in the United Kingdom. I visited family in England, spent a couple of days in Scotland, and generally enjoyed as much as possible of what there was to see and do.

A huge highlight was a week of long-distance walking along the Hampshire coast on England's southern shore (I touched on this adventure in an earlier post "Where Does the Time Go"). I was able to not only enjoy wild coastal environments and urban cities, but also some rural countryside.

As always, wherever I go my experiences and the creatures I meet along the way provide inspiration for the art I create.

A brood of sunbathing piglets became the incentive to create a colourful silk painting...


A herd of curious heifers provided me with inspiration for another...

And a handsome gypsy pony posed for another painting in my series of silk horse "portraits"...

There are many other moments from my UK trip that may, at some point, provide artistic fuel. However for now, working on these three new paintings has been a satisfying experience. Not only was I able to re-live those moments in the English countryside, it took me on another journey back down memory lane to my own rural roots growing up on the family farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I find it fascinating how new experiences often parallel the old, and fresh memories connect us with our past.

And now... I'm heading back into the studio to see what lies ahead!

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  1. I love your blog but keep delaying looking at it. I just "bookmarked" it so it will be easier for a computer illiterate like me to find. Love, love these photos and paintings side by side. It makes it even more fun to see the paintings. I surely enjoyed seeing you at the Mane Event in Chilliwack. The owl came out awesome!! I hope you sold out on everything. I have framed the cows and being as it is so colorful have tried it on 3 different walls, liking each choice. So maybe it will live it's life as mobile art. I so love all your work. Especially, of course, my portraits. Carry on dear artist, carry on. Make a fun painting of rain. Please. As I am already tired of it and have months yet to go. One reason I love the bookmark of the gal with her black Lab and her umbrella.
    Loyally yours, Cristine Cameron