Friday 23 March 2018


A few days ago the equinox marked the onset of spring - a time when the earth comes into bloom, birds announce the arrival of dawn, and frogs awaken from hibernation and commence their evening chorus. Spring is also the time when the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) convenes a jury of its Senior members to review the portfolios of artists applying for advancement within the organization. This year I was one of those applicants.

For those not familiar with the FCA, it's a national organization dating back more than 75 years. It counts Lawren Harris and AY Jackson among its founders, and Emily Carr as an early member. Its mission is "to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians, offering education, exhibition and communication in the Visual Arts, and to support and promote emerging to professional member artists". There are three levels of FCA membership, all of which require artists to complete a jurying process to determine eligibility. It starts with "Active" status that offers the opportunity submit work for FCA exhibitions. Active members who are accepted into enough exhibitions over a defined time frame can then apply for Signature status, either as an "Associate" or "Senior". (Complete information about the FCA can be found at

Applying for Signature status is a nerve-wracking process that involves submitting a selection of carefully chosen artwork for review by the jury. As most artists know, jurying of any kind generates a significant level of anxiety as we expose ourselves and our work to critical review. When we're successful, our angst is transformed into euphoria. The standards for the "Associate" level are high, and for "Senior" they're even higher, so when I received the call to tell me I had succeeded in my bid for Senior status I felt absolutely elated.

In celebration of my success, I'd like to share my portfolio. All 10 of these coloured pencil drawings were submitted on line as digital images, and three of them (Wild Muscovy, Master Builders and Butterflies & Goosebumps) subsequently delivered to the gallery for "live" viewing and inclusion in the Success! show in the gallery once jurying is complete.

Wild Muscovy

Master Builders (Bushtits)

Butterflies & Goosebumps
(Chinese Geese & Cabbage Moths)
Out from the Shadows
(Great Grey Owl)

Canadian Icon (Grey Jays)

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Scrub Jay

Summer's End (Bushtit)
Stickleback's Misfortune
(Great Blue Heron)

I can now proudly use the initials SFCA after my name and count myself among the artists who have worked to make the Federation of Canadian Artists recognized for the standards it maintains for its members and for its ongoing commitment to the Visual Arts. 

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can not even imagine your being denied. Your art gives me tremendous pleasure and comfort in the case of my commissioned portraits. I would not want to live in a home without art. It would not be a HOME. It would be a house. As long as I have owned several of your pieces, I have NEVER walked by one without stopping, at least briefly, and smiling. Never! I like your new web site and finding your blog is now easier for me. I "bookmarked" this site as a favorite. Congratulations Deborah SFCA.