Sunday 8 July 2018

A Day at the Dog Show

Written by Lily the cocker spaniel

It started out as an ordinary day here on Mayne Island - one of those summer days when I get up, go outside to play ball, then I have breakfast, and a nap, and then usually I play more ball, and more ball, and more ball - just about as much ball as possible, all day long. 

But on this day things were different. After breakfast I had to have.... a BATH! And I hadn't even rolled on any stinky dead crabs at the beach so I couldn't figure out what was going on.

After the horrible bath, instead of going outside to play ball I had to stay in the house because Deb said, "You have to stay clean for the Dog Show". I was pretty sad about that.

I didn't know what a Dog Show was. However, I figured it might be fun.

And it was! We went down to the park and hung out in the sunshine and visited with lots of other people and their dogs... big dogs, small dogs, older dogs and puppies. I got lots of cuddles and pats from people who thought I was cute (without sounding like I'm bragging, that actually that happens to me a lot but even more on this day). Then we lined up for the Dog Show.

First we entered "Obedience". I was supposed to sit, stay, and then run to Deb when she called me. I sat really nicely, and I stayed... 

... but when Deb walked away I got distracted by some people sitting behind me who wanted to pat me. They gave me some nice tummy-rubs! Then when Deb called me I ran towards her lickety-split, but there were more people behind her who wanted to pat me so I ran right past her for more tummy-rubs! Turns out the judges thought the winning dog should run to their person, not to other nice people, so I didn't get a trophy.

We also entered "Dogs and Owners Who Look Alike". Deb said it was A Long Shot. It turns out that another dog got that trophy too so I guess that's what A Long Shot means.

But then we entered my favourite category: "Jumping". Was that ever fun! There were a bunch of little dogs around my size.

We all took turns jumping over a little fence. At first it was really easy...

Then the fence got higher....

... and higher...

.... and even higher..

...and then really high ...

...and then even higher!

 And guess what? I jumped higher than any other little dog and I got a trophy!

I am now officially Mayne Island's "Best Small Jumper"! Am I ever proud. I can't wait for next year even though it means I'll have to have another horrible bath. I guess I'll probably end up having a few more baths before then anyway, especially if I find stinky dead crabs on the beach.

I was pretty tired after the Dog Show but that's OK, at least I got to go back home and play ball.


Some photos courtesy of Stephen Cropper and Toby Snelgrove. More pictures of the show are available online at Toby Snelgrove Photography


  1. Wow, Lily, I wish I could jump that high - if I could jump that high, maybe I could jump onto the kitchen table to help myself to a snack! I don't think I would like going to a dog show though - that many strangers reaching out to me would be Very Scary, and I dunno about all those other dogs either. But one day I'd like to meet you! Love, Maggie (Jean's Maggie, in Crofton).

  2. Fun to read story and your dog is so cute, Deborah...Congratulations on your win, and a big pat and tummy rub for

  3. HHHHOOOOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY LILY !!!!!! What a great day!!!! Champion small jumper. Yeaaaaaa!!!! And your very own trophy. Wow, you jumped really high. Most dogs probably ran around the side of the jump. How did you learn to jump over the white boards??? Did Deb teach you that? That is the trophy you wanted anyways. Who cares about obedience anyways? My mom always wants me to do what she says but I don't and she feeds me anyways. I like to kill rats as much as you like to play ball and she tells me good dog when I have a dead rat. But I don't roll in them. You should stop rolling in dead crabs and then you don't have to have those horrible baths. Yuck. I hate them too. I am glad you had lots of tummy rubs. It looks like you got a hair cut. My mom is always telling me she should tidy me up but I run off to the barn and look for rats instead.
    Anyways, it's time for me to have breakfast. I already played ball and had my first nap.
    Your friend, Scooter Pie