Sunday 24 November 2013

A house is hardly a home...

... without a dog in it. There's an empty mat in front of the fireplace...

A water bowl with a film of ice under a favourite tree...

And a certain young cat has made himself at home in what was formerly a big round D-O-G bed!
This bed is just right!

 My house feels very empty at the moment. There are no chilly walks, no longing looks of "where's my dinner", no deep sighs of contentment as just the right position is found for tired old bones. And there's no big furry body to step over, sprawled in the middle of the room. It's very odd. My life has revolved around my collie and her needs for so long, it's entirely strange without her!
But never fear, it's only temporary! (You were worried, weren't you?) Riley has gone to stay with our friend Jean and her own canine crew while I sneak in a little holiday. In fact, I suspect Riley's having a mini-vacation of her own. She'll be back soon but if you want to see what she's up to in the mean time, check out Jean's blog: "My Life with the Critters".

I'm OK! I'm having my own holiday here on Vancouver Island.
Photo courtesy Jean Ballard.

A coloured pencil sketch of my girl from a few years back.
As visitors to my studio know, she's a favourite subject of mine!
While Riley's enjoying the brisk winter days, I'm headed for sunshine. Further details will be forthcoming!


  1. Small world. I know Jean but have never met her. :)

  2. Lovely post Deb about your sweet Riiley-girl! You'll be home soon enough to find your days once again filled with doggie-mom duties. In the meantime, enjoy the sun and sand where you are headed!!

    Sharon & Taleah